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Deep Learning and Machine Learning with TensorFlow

Deep Learning and Machine Learning with TensorFlow


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Deep learning (also known as deep structured learning, hierarchical learning or deep machine learning) is a branch of machine learning based on a set of algorithms that attempt to model high level abstractions in data. TensorFlow is one of the newest and most comprehensive libraries for implementing deep learning. This course will show you how to build deep learning applications using Tensorflow.

The topics include

  • Installing TensorFlow
  • Math Operations with TensorFlow
  • Neural Networks with TensorFlow
  • Deep Learning with Tensorflow
  • Image Recognition with Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
  • Text Analysis with Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)
  • Keras
  • TFLearn

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Day 1

Module 1 Getting Started 

  • What is TensorFlow
  • Install and Run TensorFlow

Module 2 Basic Tensorflow Operations

  • Constant
  • Graph Operation
  • Math
  • Matrix
  • Placeholder
  • Variable

Module 3 Datasets

  • Iris Flower Dataset
  • MNIST Handwritten Digits Dataset
  • CIFAR Image Dataset
  • One Hot Encoding/Decoding
  • Split Dataset to Training/Testing

Module 4 Machine Learning on TF

  • TF Graph Model
  • Loss Function 
  • Optimizer
  • Training
  • Metrics

Module 5 Neural Network (NN)

  • What is Neural Network 
  • Activation Functions
  • Create a Deep Neural Network on TF
  • TensorFlow Playground

Module 6 Tensorboard

  • What is Tensorboard?
  • Visualize a Tensorboard Graph
  • Output Data to Tensorboard

Day 2

Module 7 Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

  • What is CNN?
  • CNN Architecture
  • Convolution
  • Pooling and Stride
  • Dropout

Module 8 Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)

  • What is RNN?
  • How to train a RNN
  • Long Term Dependencies
  • LSTM Cell
  • GRU Cell

Module 9 Keras

  • What is Keras?
  • Install Keras
  • Neutral Network with Keras
  • Inception V3 Transfer Learning

Module 10 TFLearn

  • What is TFLearn?
  • Install TFLearn
  • Neutral Network with TFLearn

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